Principal's Message

Principal Stacy DeCosse

Here at Marysville Elementary School we love learning!

We have a strong passion for outdoor learning and connecting with the land.

We believe in having fun and being curious. We strive to meet the children right where they are in their learning, and moving each of them forward. This requires knowing where the children are in key academic areas. We do this through using common assessments, then reviewing the data gathered, making responsive plans and checking in at specific intervals to ensure each child is learning and growing.

We work as a team both in grade groups and as a whole staff to support and encourage children in their social/emotional and academic growth.

As a staff we have been working together and individually to critically examine our own biases, attitudes, beliefs and values regarding indigenous world-views, and truth and reconciliation. We are shifting our practice to embedding the First Peoples Principles of Learning in our daily lessons.

At Marysville Elementary, we find joy in learning every day. 

Please get in touch with me any time for questions or concerns. 250-427-2241

Stacy DeCosse